Terms of Service

You are responsible for knowing the following information. Ignorance of the terms is not an excuse for violation.

All commission invoices are sent with a link directly to this page, as well as a link to the Queue Sheet to track the progress of your order.

​(TOS are subject to change)

General Commissioning and Product Policies:

I do not accept trades in replacement of payment.​​

  • You may offer to trade prior to filling out a commission form, but I will mostly likely decline due to the costs of materials and labor involved.​

I do not offer free outfits in exchange for promo. Everything is personally handmade, so it has a lot more value than something factory made. Please support independent designers by buying their work. 

I have the right to refuse service.

A Custom Commissions Request Form must be completed to be considered. Your commission slot and queue placement is not secured until I receive a down payment. 

  • In order to commission, I provide a Google form for a limited time. There will always be a big announcement when I open commission slots and when I close them. After I close, I will not be accepting any more forms. If you submit a form after commissions have closed, it will not be reviewed and you may be required to submit the form again when commissions reopen.
  • All commissions, no matter the size, must go through this form for my records.

Katalyst accepts no responsibility for incorrect fitting of items when measurements are supplied by the customer. If you are unsure of sizing or if you are between sizes, please email me or message me on Instagram and I will be happy to assist you. 

If resizing is needed, the buyer is responsible for all postage costs as I offer resizing services free of charge. If the package is returned from a country which may incur customs charges, the customer MUST mark the package as a return, as they will be liable for any fees. The customer must get proof of postage when returning items as the package is their responsibility until it reaches me.

I have the right to cancel a commission if the TOS is violated. If I cancel due to a TOS violation, the buyer will receive a partial refund. Please see the refund section to see extended details.

Upon down payment and slot confirmation, I will have your commission completed in 2 months time or less, unless specified otherwise. I will not accept a commission if it cannot fit in my queue and be completed within 2 months unless discussed and approved by buyer.

If a situation arises on my side where I cannot complete it within 2 months, I will notify the buyer as soon as possible to discuss future plans.

  • Do not rush my work. I do not accept deadlines although I will try to meet them. I want to make quality work, not rushed work. A commission request form submission does not guarantee your spot in the queue until you are contacted about your submission and a nonrefundable deposit of 30% is paid. 
  • That being said, if you have an event or a situation (such as  a military deployment), please let me be aware of it. I am usually more than happy to try to make some adjustments so you receive your product before your event.
  • Although I will try to complete your commission so you may use it for a specific event, I do not promise deadlines. 

Apparition Fee:

  • You may choose to pay an Apparition fee of $50 to transport your custom commission to the top of the queue. The Apparition Fee will only be applied after you have been contacted about your request form, when the standard wait is around 3 months. The Apparition Fee is nonrefundable and does not guarantee your order will be completed in time for your event, only that you will be bumped to the top of the queue behind orders already in progress (meaning I’ve already started working on them). Please keep in mind that this still does not guarantee completion by a certain deadline - it only bumps your custom commission to the top of the queue.

Please be aware of my processing and creation time frame. Orders can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks after payment is processed. Due to fabric availability from our suppliers, your order could take longer to ship. I try to mitigate this as much as possible to ensure that this is a rare issue. Custom costume orders can take up to 7 weeks, depending on other orders in the queue it is likely that it will take longer. If you are not a patient individual, my business may not be for you. 

I hold the right to work on projects in my queue in whatever order I would like. 

  • I try to work in order, however, I also work efficiently to get everyone's projects out in a timely manner. Ex: Smaller commissions may be worked on in between larger projects. ​

Buyer must provide 2 reliable communication sources. Accepted sources of communication are:

If you want to communicate through Instagram, you must message me first. Please do not hesitate to use this as a means of communication though because it is my fastest communication tool. ​

I do not communicate through Twitter/X, text messages, or phone calls.

  • I am not responsible for any damage done to products once they have shipped. If there is a problem with your product when you open it from the package, contact me and the post office immediately.
  • Please note that USPS is experiencing some delays in shipping. I am not responsible for delayed shipping times. 

Custom Fabric Fee:

  • I have an exorbitant amount of fabric options in my fabrics selection. If you are unable to find a fabric that you like, or if you have a specific fabric in mind, you may request that fabric be ordered when you are contacted about your custom request submission. This must be discussed before the 30% down payment is made, as ordering custom fabric will add to the overall price. This additional price varies greatly based on the fabric. For reference, ordering fabric for specific orders has ranged from $15-$150.

Payments and Refunds:

Each item is made-to-order, so I do not accept returns or exchanges. I am happy to work with you to adjust the fit if you receive the item and it does not fit. For non-clothing items, I do not accept returns or exchanges on custom orders.

I do not negotiate on my prices. Please do not ask for a discount. I do not price match.

Payments must be made on time unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • I am usually pretty relaxed on payments once the down payment is received, however, I highly appreciate information and updates regarding when you will be paying off the rest of your commission.
  • I will not ship out your product until everything is paid.

A 30% non-refundable down payment is due upon commissioning. The rest, including shipping, must be paid off before shipment of the product, as these items are made to each client's measurements and preferences. The 30% deposit will not be collected until you are contacted about your application submission.

This 30% payment will secure your commission slot as I do not hold slots when open for commissions. Although you may fill out the commission form and receive an invoice/link to your order, your slot and placement in the queue is not determined until I receive the down payment. ​

If you choose to use ShopPay through my website, you will be linked to a listing for your order. Through ShopPay, you can make 4 equal payments spread out over a few months!

If you have a pending invoice that has not had any payment made 30% or above (or a custom listing that has not been purchased) and our commission slots fill, I will cancel the commission. 

  • Customer Cancellation Policy:
  • If your order is 0% completed = 70% Refund​​ (as stated throughout, the 30% deposit is nonrefundable)
  • If your order is 25% completed = 30% Refund
  • If your order is 50% completed = 20% Refund
  • If your order is 75% completed = 10% Refund
  • Anything more will not be refunded.
  • I will hang on to your product for 2 months after completion before putting the items up for resale. If you have paid more than the 30% down payment, you will be refunded upon the resale of your order.
  • Orders which have been paid for via Paypal will be refunded minus the Paypal transaction fee as Paypal no longer refunds sellers for this.

Terms of Service Password for Custom Commission Application 2024: Answer the Following:

  • What's your favorite festival accessory? 
  • Please provide your own answer to the question as the password!​
  • Example: My favorite accessory is my pashmina!  
  • Do not discuss the password or assist others. This is my way of knowing that custom commission request applicants are aware of my terms. 
  • Be sure to answer the question, not copy and paste my answer or the question. 


Payment must be completed before I ship. I do not offer pay-on-receipt as an option.

I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. 

  • If an item is lost in the mail, please contact your local post office and file a report.​ 
  • Due to the material cost of these items, I cannot make free replacements. You are welcome to use the insurance money from USPS to automatically be added to the queue again for a replacement. 

I mark all international packages as merchandise; be prepared for custom charges. It is illegal for me not to mark it as merchandise. 

  • If the payment is via PayPal, I will be purchasing a shipping label from PayPal to ship your items. Once we purchase this label, PayPal should send you an email with your information. ​
  • If a package is returned to me, I will make an attempt to contact the buyer. Buyer is responsible for paying additional shipping charges.
  • I have no control over these prices. I do not profit from them.
  • After purchasing the shipping label, I will issue a partial refund if I charged too much for shipping.