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  • How do I commission you for a custom order?

    Each person interested in a commission piece must submit a Custom Commission Application when the status says OPEN.

    *If you submit an application before they are open, your submission won't be reviewed and you'll have to resubmit it!*

    Custom Waitlist Application 
  • Can I order something that you made for someone else?

    To keep it simple: it depends.

    If it's a custom costume commission, I prefer not to remake them for others. I am happy to use previous commissions as a reference and work with you to modify the design so that it's one-of-a-kind for you too!

  • I ordered from you, but over time my measurements have changed. Can you do alterations?


    I do my best to offer free or low-cost alterations on completed orders. In this situation, you are responsible for shipping both ways. I also offer low-cost alterations on non-Katalyst items.

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