Apparition Fee

Apparition Fee:
You may choose to pay an Apparition fee of $50 to transport your custom commission to the top of the queue to the top of the queue. The rush order fee will only be applied after you have been contacted about your request form, when the standard wait is around 3 months. The Apparition Fee is nonrefundable and does not guarantee your order will be completed in time for your event, only that you will be bumped to the top of the queue behind orders already in progress (meaning I’ve already started working on them). Please keep in mind that this still does not guarantee completion by a certain deadline - it only bumps your custom commission to the top of the queue.
Please be aware of my processing and creation time frame. Once I have started working on your order, it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to ship. Due to fabric availability from our suppliers, your order could take longer. I try to mitigate this as much as possible to ensure that this is a rare issue. Custom costume orders can take up to 7 weeks, depending on other orders in the queue it is likely that it will take longer. I encourage you to check out the public queue sheet linked below!
Katalyst Custom Order Progress
This option can only be applied to ravewear & dancewear items - not collection items as those are outsourced.